Our Mission is Ending

Effective immediately, this charity is closing its doors.

Until the expiration of this website the content will remain for historical reasons.

Brain cancer  is one of the least talked about and least funded types of cancer. We have all heard about or been involved in fund raisers for Breast Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma, colon and more. You rarely hear of brain cancer unless someone famous and usually older has it.

My son was only 14 when diagnosed with this disease. Many cancers have routine pre-screening tests, which in many cases, save lives. There is no routine pre-screening for brain cancer. By the time most people find out they even have this type of cancer it is because they have begun to exhibit symptoms which, in my son TJ’s case, meant the tumor had grown large enough to cause him visible issues. When TJ was diagnosed with brain cancer, it had already reached a stage III Astrocytoma. Had this been caught early, it is very likely that it could have been removed before spreading throughout TJ’s brain.

There is a great need to find and develop ways to prevent and treat brain cancer. TJ’s Dream Team is indeed HEADING for a Cure for brain cancer.  We will be hosting events throughout the year to raise funds and accepting donations through Paypal on this website.  We are donating funds to individual physicians, as well as groups who are directly involved in research to find a cure for this life altering disease.

With your help I believe we can do this and save lives. It is too late for our son, but the goal of TJ’s Dream Team – HEADing for a Cure, is that some day no parent, no family, will have to lose someone they love to this disease.  “IT TAKES A VILLAGE.”

peacock-logoWe need your help to turn the scales from devastation to survival.