About Us

When we started our family, 30+ years ago, the last thing we ever thought we would have to deal with would have been childhood cancer of any kind.  I always worried (maybe too much) about someone hurting my child, or taking my child or my child being involved in a car accident. All the things parents tend to worry about. Just keeping our children safe from whatever may be lurking around the corner.

I would sometimes hear stories about a family who’s child had been diagnosed with a terrible disease and would think to myself “I could not handle anything happening to my kids” – “I would never be able to go on without one of my children.”  I’m sure the same thoughts that would go through any parents mind when thinking about their kids.

Our children are such a precious gift and we never in our worst nightmares imagine that we could lose them. It’s not natural, parents are not meant to bury a child.

My son was only 14 when diagnosed with a brain tumor. It would be safe to say that there is not a single word that comes to my mind that could begin to express the fear, shock, denial then devastation that such a diagnosis brings.  Complete denial and hopes and prayers that someone made a horrible mistake. That is what I remember most.

And there, begins our journey …

I hope that this website will help to answer questions, connect with others that are beginning or already on this journey or just be a place to talk and network with people who understand.