TJ was such a fan of Comedians, Music and Sports. So here I sit, working on our next event. The TJ’s Dream Team Comedy Night. I have spent countless hours making phone calls, posting, sending out press releases in the hopes that someone will help us to get the word out about this disease, as well as our event. MAY IS BRAIN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. Most people are not even aware of that unless they have been personally affected by it. We are only a month away, the anxiety and sleepless nights have begun and the frantic work of getting things in order to be prepared for this next event. The anxiety will end when the tickets have been sold, the comedians have shown up, the raffle tickets sold and the night is winding down. Until then there is no calm. At least not inside my head. The brain does not shut off. I think of TJ and how much he would enjoy all of these events. I feel in my heart that he knows what we are doing and that he approves. I wish we didn’t have to do any of this. I wish I was completely oblivious to the pain of losing a child and the ravages of childhood cancer. But here I sit, thinking about my son and what he would be doing now. How much he would enjoy sitting in the crowd of people and watching the show. He’s not here, which is why we do what we do. It is up to us to make sure he is never forgotten, that his fight continues through us and that people who never met him will know his name and know what a brave and amazing person he was. He was heroic in his battle, and to not honor that and carry on for him would be such a disservice to his memory. ¬†We welcome you to post your opinions, experiences, stories.